Relationship therapy is about helping you to clarify the problems you are experiencing. This allows you to work out how best to avoid or work through them. It is important for you to recognize what you want, expect and need from a relationship. Based on that, I can advise you on which issues I can help you with. I will also be honest about the issues I don’t think we can resolve. It’s important to be prepared to really work in therapy. We work together, but you may also get assignments to take home with you as well.

Relationship therapy session are 90 minutes long, and cost € 125 per session. In some cases, 60 minutes is sufficient; the rate is then € 100. The treatment plan and session type will be determined based on the results of your intake session(s). NB that Relationship therapy is usually not reimbursed by Dutch health insurer, but it’s always wise to check with your individual insurer.

After the session you can pay by either cash or Pin. Your invoice will be sent by post at the beginning of the following month.