Person-centred experiential Psychotherapy (PeP)

Person-centred experiential Psychotherapy (PeP), also known as client-centred psychotherapy (CP), is based on the principle that psychological well-being depends on and develops as part of your personality/identity. An unsafe outside or inside world can prevent this and can lead to depression or anxiety. PeP assumes that these complaints are an expression of significant underlying problems. The relationship between your complaints and any underlying problems will be explored. PeP is always a "tailor-made approach" for the client.

Self-awareness requires you to be in touch with your inner self. By examining your feelings and thoughts, it often becomes clear how issues can be addressed. As your psychotherapist I will guide this process with empathy, acceptance and authenticity. A high degree of empathy with the client, and acceptance of the client (by myself as the therapist, but also by the client him/herself), underpins the therapy. As a psychotherapist I am also in contact with my own feelings, and this allows me to create a safe climate for therapy.

With PeP, the person is the starting point, instead of the presenting complaints. Together with the therapist, the client examines what may have caused problems in the past, and also explores future expectations.

PeP can help with various complaints, such as: lack of self-confidence, insecurity, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, worry, indecisiveness, perfectionism, negative attitude towards others, lack of enjoyment, control issues, experiencing the same conflicts over and over and over again, relationship problems.

PeP provides self-awareness, both in terms strengths and weaknesses of the whole person. Recognizing your own limitations is important, but it is just as important to make more use of your own potential. Recognizing your strong points, allows you to use them as tools to deal better with difficult situations in life. It is important that the client wants to really work on themself in therapy to tackle these issues.